Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your assessment different? How did you come up with your model?
Unlike most assessments in the market, ours is based on capabilities and not personality profiles. This allows for us to provide you examples of real skills you can improve and not innate traits that you have no ability to control. Capabilities can (and do) constantly change so weak capabilities can be strong (or the opposite). Personalities are things that are inherent to you and cannot be easily changed. As well, research has shown that depending on the situation, your personality may not change.

Initially, we wanted to use one of the well known capability models. When we looked into them though, they all seemed to be lacking some area we thought was important or didn’t take into account future capabilities. So we came up with our own. We did this though a lot of research! We spent over a year going through hundreds of articles, journals and presentations. We also worked with Industry and Talent Leaders as well as Industrial Organizational Psychologists to develop a model that not only looks are at inherent capabilities that matter but also takes into account future traits that can be nurtured to improve your skillset.

How long will this assessment take to complete?
Depending on the assessment you take 30 – 90 minutes to complete the assessment. The assessment times are as follows:

Self – Assessment – Approx. 30 Minutes
Orglnsights Assessment – Approx. 60 Minutes
Rater Assessment – Approx. 30 Minutes
If you choose to take part in the 360 assessment, your Raters will have a maximum of 45 days (or until you have selected) to respond and complete the assessment

Why do you use different types of assessments
We found that using only personality assessments doesn’t help provide a true understanding of your capabilities. In order to get a more accurate result we have combined Likert Scales, Cognitive Questions, as well as Situational Judgement Tests to allow us to capture a more accurate understanding of your capabilities.
What are capabilities and why should I care about them?
Business capabilities are sets of skills that are considered the building blocks of a business that will allow the organization to succeed currently and grow in the future. If an organization’s employees do not possess these capabilities it can it’s ability to meet strategic objectives and can result in loss of profits/revenue as well as operational inefficiencies.
How to you ensure that privacy is maintained and that no identifiable information is provided during the assessments or when providing results?
For any report that compares populations, we do not publish any information about the category until 25 assessments have been completed. As well, to ensure that we never provide identifiable information, even during our 360 assessment process, we ask you to identify a minimum of 3 individuals are will NEVER provide any names of information about the responders.

As well, to ensure that we protect your information, we never keep your credit card or any personal information on file and other than a few pieces of information, everything is optional. If hackers do want to try, our site and applications have industry leading encryption and a top notch technology security team

What is your Re-Calibration process and how often do you do it?

To ensure that our questions are statistically valid and accurate, we work with Industial-Organizational Psychologists every 6 months to check out a few things:

  • Based on the answers that have been provided, is a question providing an accurate reflection of what we are looking for
  • Do we need to re-word/re-phrase anything because there is a difficulty understanding a question
  • Do we need to change the type of question to get a more accurate reading of an individuals capabilities?
  • Are individuals scoring too low or too high on any questions?
  • Is the population that is taking the assessment scoring too high or too low?
  • The discrepancy between self assessments and our Orglnsights Assessment too high or too low?

Based on the results we add, remove or modify questions or calculations to ensure our model is always accurate.

Can you provide additional insights beyond what is shown on the report? What are they and how can I use them?
If there is something you are particularly interested in please contact us and ask. As well, if there is research you are doing and think we can help please let us know. Currently, we are not focusing on develop additional personal reports for public release but if you contact us we can see what we can do to provide you with any additional information you need (additional costs may apply)
Why do you use Cognitive Questions? Isn't there research that shows that Cognitive question have discriminatory biases?

For certain cognitive ability items, particularly older tests, there has been evidence of discriminatory impacts for particular groups. The items that lead to this effect generally are those that at least partially rely on learned or prior process knowledge or skill. A good example are verbal ability items, or numerical ability items, that rely on the test taker interpreting large chunks of text or complex graphs and tables of numerical data in unison, which generally lean on educational experiences rather than raw processing power. Traditional ICI tests are particularly guilty of this.

The items that produce this effect the least are abstract (or inductive) reasoning type items. They rely only on one’s ability to take in information presented to them, process it, and solve the problem in front of them, without the benefit of prior knowledge (think pictures, patterns type problems). These items show the least difference across different groups, and are the best at tapping the overall fluid intelligence and general mental ability that we would be looking to capture, so we primarily utilise this type of item in our measuring.

Can I get more details about the scoring and calculations?

Sure! We would love to work with you to help you understand how calculations are done if you are worried about it or just interested in knowing. Contact us directly with your questions and we will respond and give you all the information you need!

What do you do with our Information?

We use the information we collect from you and your raters to generate the assessment reports that we provide to you. As well ,depending on what information your provide, we also use your information for developing benchmarks and providing global assessment capability scores.

In addition to the above purposes, we may use the information collected to conduct and publish research or re-calibrate our capabilities model and questions. In addition we may send you emails about relevant marketing and advertising. When working with external vendors there may be a need to share information for the purposes of a project or campaign. When possible, we will always insists to provide non-identifiable information.